David Curtis is one of the finest all around musicians I have ever played with. On most of our work together Dave has taken the role of bassist, though he’s very capable at keys, drums, guitar and just about anything that you put in his hands. He has a truly amazing ear and a gift for being a fearless player. David and I have worked together professionally since we were in our teens. We’ve recorded together on projects with T-Bone Burnett, John Simon and Jim Gaines. We have toured together on and off for 20 years and regardless of whether we played huge festivals or tiny clubs Dave lives to make music. His humor and sweet disposition make him one of my favorite people to be around.A.J. Croce

I can’t say enough about Dave Curtis as an exceptional electric bassist and as a complete professional to work with.  I had the pleasure of also working with  his father, a marvelous acoustic bassist himself.
Dave has exceptional facility, harmonic sense and creativity, and a deep knowledge of and respect for all various forms of music a true professional must be able to handle: blues, R & B, country, rock,  jazz and pop. He is also a highly responsible career musician with experience in live club and stage work as well as studio session calls. Dave’s a quick study and has always been a positive asset in any musical situation I’ve had the pleasure of being with him in.

Mike Wofford

Dave Curtis is the best musician I know.  On whatever instrument he is playing on any particular project I have done with him, he brings the finest skills, sensibility, and joy to that job.  Dave has a way of  lifting everyone around him to a higher level.  On the road, in the studio, arranging, composing TV/Film music, producing singers, and making the downtime way more fun, Dave is the guy I wish I had on call for everything I do.  I am much better at what I do just from working with him.

~Michael Bizar

Equally comfortable on bass or keys, Dave was one of the busiest musicians in the Southern California music scene. Dave is also a master programmer and arranger, so there is really no down side with this renaissance man of music. When performing with my group, Dave was always prepared and played with passion, fire and elegance.

Dean Brown

I have had the privilege of working with Dave Curtis for some fifteen years in San Diego, in my various roles as a producer, co-writer and fellow band member. We have made numerous albums together and collaborated on so many projects, and his genius shined its light on every one of them, whether playing bass, keyboards, guitar or programming. As natural a musician as you could ever hope to encounter, in any genre or idiom, Dave brings mastery and creative spark to anything he touches. Totally easy and fun to work with too. I give him my highest recommendation to anyone seeking a musician who’s got the goods plus the X-factor.

Dave Blackburn
artist / producer / engineer

I currently run 2 of my own musical groups and was fortunate enough to have worked with Dave Curtis many times. His contribution to the music and his creative approach has always been an inspiration!

Ruby Presnell
Singer / Bandleader

On my last album it is Dave’s playing that took it from being a good, solid project to a terrific one that I am very proud of.  Not only is Dave a consummate professional musician, he is also one of the easiest, most pleasant guys to have around. He is on time and always in good spirits, causing the flow to be great every time.

Sylvia Lange, Artist


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